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The Importance of God

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The Importance of God. The importance of God is something that I feel that many people overlook in their lives, and lack of knowledge is what I feel is the cause of this overlook. God has played a major role in my life since I was a little boy and without the faith of his teaching, I don’t know where I would be. The peace of mind I receive when I read the bible or go to church is one I wish I could let everyone feel. But I am doing my duty to spread as much of the teachings of Christ as possible. There have been a lot of things that have happened in my life that I know God has pulled me through. My grandmother has always given me the word and it has taught me how to deal with other situations that I would have leaned on my own understanding to solve. With God, all things are possible and I am thankful to have this opportunity to write to someone who may not know about him. At one point in time, I lost my job. My mother was not able to help me and all I was able to do was pray. One Sunday, I went to church and my pastor, without me telling him, asked if I was still working. Just like that out of the blue, I was shocked. I told him about my situation and he let me know one of his colleagues was looking for a part-time worker, the next day I interviewed and I got hired on the spot. Had I leaned on my own understanding and not went to church to pray and worship, I would not have the job that I’ve had for two years. God is always there when I need him, and he can be there for you too. There is nothing that I can do without Jesus Christ. He has gotten me through many trials and tribulations. My faith is what gets me through the day. I can honestly say that he is the peace that passes all understanding, and why I am pushing forward to continue my education everyday. Just take that leap of faith, go to church and really give your heart to God, and the blessings will...

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