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The Importance of Greenspaces

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DRAFT: The Importance of Urban Greenspaces
Joe Green
Strayer University
July 1, 2015



Draft: The Importance of Urban Greenspaces

My community and I have benefited from urban greenspaces in various ways. Interfacing with nature via greenspaces is significant to me personally for several reasons. I chose to write about urban greenspaces because parks and forests were a very important aspect of my childhood, I have observed how the disparity of greenspaces between communities affects them, and because my exposure to greenspaces has provided me with a valuable relationship with the natural world.

Growing up in a rural area, the majority of my childhood activities were dependent on the parks and forests that were accessible to me. I played soccer in the nearby fields, learned about animals in the closest ponds and creeks, and socialized with other kids at playgrounds and parks. As I grew older my choice of activities changed but the venue remained the same. Playing soccer quickly became playing baseball while exploring nature at nearby creeks evolved into day hiking trips at national parks and forests. The parks and greenspaces around me acted as stages for my curiosity, recreation, and socializing and were invaluable experiences growing up. All children and adults should experience the benefits that greenspaces provide regardless of whether they live in an urban or rural environment.

I was naive to the important role that greenspaces played in my life and development until I relocated to a more urban environment that lacked accessible greenspaces. Having been surrounded by forests, small nature areas, and community parks growing up, I took the benefits of these greenspaces for granted. While the accessibility of greenspaces changed in my life, I still



had the desire to spend...

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