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The Importance Of Identity Politics

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Identity Politics “I don’t see myself”

"Are you Tunisian?"
The taxi driver asks, my new colleagues wonder and my landlord investigates.
The unapologetic identity sign that I carry with me sometimes put me in the spotlight.
A conscious decision that I have taken since I moved to the capital. It is call to celebrate and appreciate what is categorized as “ugly or unmodern”.It is my extensive use of Tamazight vocabulary to preserve my heritage, my broken French that my grandparents used as weapon of resistance and my heavy accent that makes me authentic.
By now, I have mastered the Art of dodging the question or just smiling, because sometimes I don't have the energy to start reading my " identity manifesto"; Also because most of the time strangers
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Algeria “dirty war” in the 90s and the recent Libyan civil war, are a proof of how failed policies to address the topic of identity politics can be devastating.
Identity politics must be a priority to our new democratic state. Forging a national identity that is inclusive and not exclusive is the appropriate way of dealing with social tension.
The government needs to take a note of other countries’ experiences of identity crisis and fully understand the great potential of having a national identity that emphasizes on diversity and that’s representative of all the different groups in the society. A pragmatic approach needs to be followed to reach this goal while stressing the fact that we all belong to the same country and that we are united in diversity.
The moment that our national portrait becomes a real reflection of who we are and appreciate our contributions .More and More people from the underrepresented marginalized groups will see themselves in this nation. And eventually, the radical fundamental waves will decline as fundamentalists will no longer feel threatened or excluded; they will become more integrated in the society that they once

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