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The Importance Of Online Education

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Research Essay Often, graduation requirements are in conflict with students’ elective interests. As a result, many students graduate without the opportunity to take classes that match their interests or career goals. One solution might be to allow students to take some classes entirely online, but there are benefits and problems associated with online coursework. High school students, in addition to their daily course schedule, should be able to earn credit for some classes entirely online because it increases intrigue in learning and school, increases academic prosperity, and faculty won’t lose their jobs. Earning credit for classes online increases intrigue for learning and school. Online education is increasing in demand, classes are giving …show more content…
The quality of online education can be higher than standard education despite what some people think. This article takes time to explain and show evidence of the higher quality of online education. According to “What is the Role of Technology in Education?”, “Education Department [US Department of Education] data from last year [2010] reported that ‘Students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.’”(Jason Orgill and Douglas Hervey). Getting class credit to graduate high school and a higher quality of learning through online education is very beneficial for students and teachers alike. Gaining a higher understanding of information from online education can make it easier for a student and teacher, by allowing the student to learn the information and the teacher help comprehend it rather than teach it all themselves. In conclusion, standard education can be less beneficial to students as having online class credit would give students a high quality of learning by allowing use of online …show more content…
To some critics having online education means there can’t be traditional schools. According to “Massive Open Online Courses Are Overhyped and Have Serious Problems for K-12”, “By Framing the future of education like this--on campus or on the Internet, offline versus online--MOOCS have sparked much talk about ‘the end of the university as we know it.’ New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has described MOOCs as a ‘revolution,’ and Stanford University President John Hennessy sees online education as a ‘tsunami coming.’ Thrun himself believes that as a result of MOOCs, in 50 years there’ll only be 10 universities left on the entire planet”(Audrey Watters). In this quote it states how many believe that in years to come that traditional schools will be no more, which is simply not true. The only thing that will change for traditional schools is how they decide to use online education, some may use it entirely, others not at all. It all comes down to the establishment and what they decide to do. Integrating online education partially is a solution, using the resource for one type of teaching and traditional for the other. There are many different ideals and views towards the advancement in types of learning, but the idea that online education will cause traditional colleges and schools alike to become, endangered so to speak, just isn’t true. In conclusion, online education is a very positive and

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