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The Importance Of Pornography

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Setting the current legal standard to determine obscene material and laying the guidelines for distribution and regulation of such material has constantly raised questions in legal areas. Establishing how to define when a text is protected under the law poses a persistent struggle in legal definitions; to understand this issue, it is necessary to review the evolution of sexual explicit content throughout history, should a single jury, in a constantly changing society, determine the value of a work?
In ancient times, sexual explicit content in drama, poetry, art and sculpture were not regulated by the state, as sex was a natural part of life, art graphically depicted intercourse, anal intercourse, prostitution and same-sex sex. Sumerian literature openly portrayed human love to be intimately connected to sexual pleasure (Black, Cunningham, Robson and Zolyom 188-190). Greek artists depicted explicit scenes of intercourse, anal intercourse, masturbation and fellatio on vases and terracotta and Greek drama was often demonstrative, Greece and Rome punished blasphemous and heretical expression, but not obscenity. Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides all dealt with
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Pornography is produced comparable to any motion picture, created to entertain and make profit, still, as with obscene materials the pornography is also matter of taste. Then, is obscenity as pornography is defined by personal taste who is the average person that determines the contemporary standards? How does questions of gender, political views and socio-economical status play a role on defining the average person? Establishing the average person becomes difficult, and reaching to a result where two people consider the same material obscene posses a struggle when defining if it is protected

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