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The Importance Of Science In Science

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I desire to gain a greater appreciation and understanding about the groundbreaking work that the scientists at Princeton conduct. To be able to help out in genuine research alongside these talented scientists whom will soon become the next Albert Einstein, or win a Nobel Peace Prize, is inspirational and is an opportunity that is too great to give up. I want to dive into research that answers the questions to topics that were glossed over in my Biology/Chemistry classes to challenge myself and to use my knowledge to develop a meaningful project that encompasses what I have learned thus far. With a goal of going into the STEM field in the future, I expect that this program will give me a preview of what it is truly like and if it is something …show more content…
Our project specifically focused on the DNA sequence analysis of the genes in duckweed and how those genes fit into bioremediation. As an intimidated and shy freshman with a strong yearning to be part of the science community at my school, decided to join the intensive program with barely any knowledge about biology. It didn't seem like a smart move at the time, but I'm glad that I had persistence because I learned so much about the field through the guidance from the team. Exploring PCR and Restriction Digests, my group and I were able to publish new proteins on the national GenBank. I learned more about biology and how to work/perform in a team. This motivated me to join the Science/Biology Olympiads where we do independent research and come together as a team to compete. I found that these opportunities along with the research in my science classes not only help me learn actual science but provide me with valuable life skills that will help in the …show more content…
I chose two opportunities that were similar to the research that I have conducted and learned about in the past, so I am hoping that my knowledge will help my team when we approach challenging problems. Besides the actual science aspect, I was part of my high school debate team and am currently working on a project at the Johnson and Johnson TAP program which has an emphasis on public speaking and teamwork skills which are vital to any research team. Moreover, I have been running Cross Country and track for years which have helped me develop leadership along with discipline. All of these skills that I have developed unintentionally over these seemingly different activities will help my team succeed. A strong worth ethic along with the trust one has on their team is crucial for success, and I will be one to have the team on track to our

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