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The Importance Of Social Work

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Rothman, Carson, and Madoc-Jones (2011), suggest many controversies occur between social work theories and the practitioner's interpretation of those theories are a subject of great concern in the field of social work. The importance of this research is not just academic, but important to society as a whole. Findings such as those of by Rothman, Carson, and Madoc-Jones, (2011), regarding the interpretation of social problems, demonstrate how quickly and inaccurately social workers can employ erroneous judgment based on the automatic activation of their views or beliefs. As society is forever increasing in its intermixing of individuals from different social and ethnic groups, social workers must further increase their understanding of inter-group …show more content…
Despite this constant pressure, the clinical director tries to keep things light and humorous as much as possible. In many departments there is a sense of camaraderie and it is not uncommon for those in leadership positions to regularly recognize their staff members for their effort and quality work. This blend of styles has made for a pretty successful organization overall. The effectiveness of the programs at Montevista Hospital, solely relies on the patient's acceptance of the program. I do not believe you can force anyone to participate in anything. The decisions lay on the patient. I have come across many patients who participate in every group meeting, they listen to the rules and are very successful by the end of their stay. I see many other patients who have their guard up and play the tough guy role, ultimately gets them nowhere. The patients who choose not to participate, usually end up right back in the hospital (Langer & Lietz, …show more content…
The insurance companies are in charge of the length of patients stay, depending on what the patient's insurance is, they can be kicked out in two days. I have a very difficult time processing how these insurance companies feel that a couple days stay for a patient detoxing, attempting suicide, or trying to kill someone, can be rehabilitated. If I had the power to get in touch with insurance companies and formulate an educational program for these agencies and educate them on how long it should take to stabilize a patient and deem them healthy enough to be discharged, I would do so (Adams, LeCroy, & Matto, 2009). I have also noticed that free time is spent watching television. I am in the youth unit most of the time and the children are constantly watching television or playing video games. I would discontinue the usage of television and video games, unless it was educational. The need to spend more time with themselves and self-reflect on what they can do to enrich their lives, once they are discharged. Furthermore, it seems to me that watching television and playing video games is counterproductive. I believe that playing video games can create tension and anger, especially among patients suffering from behavioral

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