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The Importance Of Teaching English

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Since many years Saudi students and people in general started to have an Interest in learning languages especially English.The reason for this is due Saudi government noteworthy interest in teaching foreign languages. 40 years ago Saudi Introduced teaching English to the curriculum because of the importance of learning languages in the development of the country and spreading Islam,as result of this interest in teaching English,Applied linguistic (AL)was one of the majors Saudi students began to learn later on. There were Various reasons behind Saudis studying AL, to my knowledge,one is the purpose for teaching in higher education.In the present time Saudis studying AL or English related majors in local universities and international universities …show more content…
The term was first coined by the American applied linguist Robert Kaplan in (1966) and widely expanded from 1996 to today by Finnish-born, US-based applied linguist Ulla Connor, among others. Since its inception the area of study has had a significant impact on the teaching of writing in both English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL) classes, bringing attention to cultural and linguistic differences in the writing of English L2 students. This attention to writing was especially welcomed in the area of ESL instruction, as an emphasis on spoken-language skills had previously dominated ESL contexts in the United …show more content…
Furthermore, the Linguistic patterns and rhetorical conventions of the first language often transfer to writing in ESL and thus cause interference. It is important to distinguish this concern from potential interference at the level of syntax and phonology. In contrastive rhetoric,The interference manifests itself in rhetorical strategies, including differences in content.

III.1. Saudi Students' Potential contribution to Science in the Age of Globalization
Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.
Saudis contribution to the science is noticeable.One can find a lot of researches that were conducted by Saudis. As for students I believe that the development of education in Saudi Arabia and the growth of universities will play a big role in making Saudis conduct more researches and contribute more to the science. In addition to the education development in Saudi Arabia, the scholarships of Saudis to different country helped them and others to presents a good contribution to the science.


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