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The Importance of Being Earnest as Delineated by the Escher-Bouhm Paradigm

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Where were you Born? How did you come to San Francisco? What did you do before the Embrace?
MacCloy was born in San Franciso as the forth son of two Dentists. He grew up and went to school in the city.
He studied Dentistry in New York for seven years, before he returned once again to San Francisco.
Before the Embrace he worked for a year and a half as a practicing dentist in a small Dental Surgery in San Francisco.
What kind of person are you?
On first appearance MacCloy is reserved and cool. Intelligent and choosing his words with a careful economy, he says what he means and tries to give away as little of himself as possible.
He is a little more forthcoming with his Coterie-mates, but they can still find themselves held at arms length regards his goals and motivations. Intensely private about his past, MacCloy learned the lesson of being tight-lipped early in his Requiem.
Underneath his armour MacCloy is a man of strong passions and deep emotions. He has a powerful love of (un)life, and a desire to experience all the night has to offer him.
He resents his embrace as a Nosferatu over the more glamourous and accepted of Kindred-kind, and he desires the strength and prestige to forcefully carve himself a place of power at their games of intrigue and politics
Who Embraced you and why? Did the Embrace change you and if so, how?
MacCloy was embraced by a Nosferatu Gethsemani member of the Lancea Sanctum. His Sire siezed on the opportuinity to bring a true Stigmatic into the unlife, gaining all the prestige that offered him. He spent almost a decade researching whether or not MacCloy's wounds were true Stigmatism before the human left to study Dentistry in New York. Infuriated by allowing his future-Childe to slip through his fingers, MacCloy's Sire waited and brooded for his return. The dentist was only back in the city for a year before his Sire embraced him....

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