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The Inconvenient Truht


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Before It Is Too Late

The current climate our planet has these days is unusually hot compared to the previous decades. This is so because of global warming. It has been Al Gore’s campaign during the U.S. federal elections since America has been the biggest contributors to global warming. However, Americans have not yet realized then how global warming could bring abrupt changes worldwide. All they were after was reform in their government.

Global warming, as described in the film An Inconvenient Truth, is the trapping of green house grasses causing the earth to be hot and is bound to get worse over the years. It is because of the thinning of the ozone layer, which guards every living individual in the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It is also mentioned that the more carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, the more heat is trapped in the earth.

According to the researches in the film, 40% of the world is dependent with their drinking water from the rivers and springs of Himalayas. Antarctica, Patagonia and other parts of the world covered with ice are gradually melting. Dry lands, on the other hand, get parched, thus making it unsuitable for vegetation. The comparison of carbon dioxide composition in the atmosphere for the past 600,000 years has been shown in the film and for the graph for year 2005 was way shoddier to the previous years. This year had the highest carbon dioxide composition in the atmosphere.

With global warming, there will also be a relocation of precipitation, which means that some places experience a lot of typhoons and rain showers while others drought. The hurricane Katrina is the strongest one that has stricken North America, and is a proof of the global warming taking place in our planet. It is because bodies of water warm up fast, and with warm bodies of water, hurricane can take place anytime.

The fast change in

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