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School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

Introduction to
Week 10: Interaction modelling &
Sequence Diagrams

ENGG 4000/7000 Systems Engineering


Housekeeping (1)

Assignment 3:
– SRR sent back to analyst team for interest
– Presentations in this week’s pracs
» See last week’s Housekeeping for suggestions
Next few prac Sessions cover SE tools:
– Week 11: DOORS requirements management tool
» needed for Assignment 4
– Week 12: CORE computer-aided systems modelling
& engineering tool
– Week 13: Microsoft Project project management tool

ENGG 4000/7000 Systems Engineering


Assignment 4: System Design

Assignment 4: Develop a partial System Design
Document (SDD) for your Development Application
Project (DAP)
– DAP = the 3rd of the 3 projects
– Due 8pm Friday 27 May
– based on SRS supplied by lecturer (aka Chief
Systems Engineer) in consultation with the supercustomer
– Operational concepts based on the assignment 2 rescoping document

ENGG 4000/7000 Systems Engineering


Assignment 4 (2)

In your role as Developer, develop a system design for your Development Application Project, based on the supplied SRS
– Give physical & logical architectures for your system
– Describe the functionality of the components of your system, including their internal & external interfaces
– Give Sequence Diagrams for 3 use cases defined in the SRS
» Covered later this lecture
– Give component-level requirements (CLRs) for the nominated subsystem (only)
– Put your component-level requirements into DOORS and trace back to the system-level requirements
ENGG 4000/7000 Systems Engineering


Assignment 4 (3)

The subsystems:
– BURS: BURS Station Unit
– TNSS: Operator Interface Unit
– RSRS: Navigation subsystem


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