The Influence of Green Barrier on the Export of Chinese Agricultural Products and the Countermeasures

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Recently, there is a new non-tariff barrier named ‘green trade barrier’ in the international trade area. Green barrier is a special trade barrier with strict environmental standards and other environmental requirements as its main content. With the worsening of environment, many countries pay more attention to the environmental protection. However, according to the economic levels of different countries, great differences exist in environment standards of these countries which have resulted in the appearance of green trade barrier as trade protection. It is just like some former trade protectionism policies and influences the international trade greatly.
With the fast development of international economy, the developed countries, in order to protect national market and consumer, are adopting various kinds of green trade barrier constantly in the trade of agricultural products. These kinds of method have already had serious impact on agricultural products trade of our country. By far, the markets of our agricultural products have mainly located in the developed countries and some new industrial countries and territories. In China, the trade of agricultural products, such as the trade of garden products, aquaculture, and livestock products, got balance in general. Those products rely on the environment and are easy to be rejected by the green trade barrier of developed countries. In recent years, it has been often reported that our exporters have sustained losses due to green trade barrier. Therefore, in the current world trade, it is necessary for Chinese export enterprises to study the green trade barrier in order to avoid it. We must comply with the sustained development strategy, bring the government, non-governmental, and enterprises organization’s function into play. Only by doing so, can green trade barriers be bridgeable. In order to fuse our agriculture…...