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The Influence of Social Media on the Study Habits

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The Influence of Social Media on the Study Habits of La Salle University-Integrated School
Grade 8 Students

The Problem and a Review of Related Literature

Nowadays, the advent of technology is quickly emerging before our eyes and undeniably, it takes a vital part to people’s lives of today. One evidence on this is the development of social media. Social media can be defined as the relationships that exist between network of people. Over the last few years, the online population grows exponentially with the easy access to the internet. With the evolution of social media, it changes the way one communicates and how one finds and shares personal information, exchanges ideas, feelings, photos and videos at a very overwhelming rate. Social media sites that allow social interaction include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, and many other various blog formats. Through these sites, youth of today can share things about themselves for the whole world to view. These social media sites offer the youth a new way to access communication and entertainment.
The use of social media is one of the most common activities of today’s children and youth. Undeniably, students are increasingly utilizing social media for friends’ news feeds, personal updates, events and activities, notes and messages. They use these sites for posting status of their experiences in school hoping to have more people hit ‘Like’ or give their ‘Comments’. The voluntary messaging function, commonly known as “status” on Facebook and Myspace, or “tweets” on Twitter, allows real-time instant messaging anytime and anywhere in the world. According to an extensive study by the Office of Communications (Ofcom) of the United Kingdom, almost half (49%) of children aged 8-17 who used the Internet had set up their own profiles on a social networking site (Ofcom, 2008a; Dowdall, 2009).
Being a consumer of the internet and a night person, I used to visit some social networking sites for various reasons. In these sites, students are also involved at. I noticed that many students were still online on the time they’re supposed to be asleep. With this, I wonder if they already studied their lessons before plunging themselves to these networking sites. As I also observed in school, I can see how these networking sites can affect their mental and physical health as well as well-being. Students would avoid school work and feel uncomfortable because of the events that occurred the night before while on different social networking sites.
Can the extensive use of social media influence students’ attitude towards studying lessons in school? Can students’ study habits be affected by the exaggerated usage of social media which takes away considerable amount of time for studying and completing assigned homework? It is in this light that the researcher is motivated to make a study on the influence of social media to the study habits of students.

Review of Literature and Related Studies

Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

Statement of the Problem The study aims to assess the degree of exposure to and the degree of influence of social media on the study habits of LSU-IS Grade 8 students. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions: 1. What are the social media in which students mostly exposed to? 2. What is the degree of exposure of students’ respondents to social media? 3. What degree of influence do social media have on student respondents? 4. How do social media affect the study habits of Grade 8 students?

Scope and Delimitation This study covers the three social media most commonly used by the students namely Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The effect of these social media to the study habits of the students will be tested. This study is limited to LSU-IS Grade 8 students.

This study is anchored on the premise that broadcast media have enormous effects and influences on the attitudes, behavior and scholastic achievement of the youngsters.
Experts have already discovered bits and pieces of alarming effects of media on the people. The present study is based on the theories expounded by experts. It is anchored on the study of Glenna (1997) who provided the variables on sex and year level and who deducted that length of tv viewing among students varies when they are grouped by sex and year level. Girls tend to spend longer time in front of the tv than the boys. When grouped by year level, freshmen stay longer on tv set than thise in the other curriculum years.

Based on the theories presented, the independent, dependent and moderating variables were identified. The independent variables are the degree of exposure and the degree of influence of b media. The variable on the degree of exposure was deduced from the findings made by Gelena(). The degree of influence of b media on students was gleaned from the statements of lagerway ().
The dependent variables are the behavior and academic performance. The findings of the US Surgeon General Sci…was the basis for the behavior var while the var

The 3 types of variables as presented in figure 1 are the following:

Statement of the problem
This study aimed to find out the degree of exposure to and the degree of influence of b media on student’s behavior and academic performance. Specifically…. 1. What is the profile of students in terms of sex , year level, behavior and academic performance? 2. What is the degree of exposure of students respondents to b media? 3. What degree of influence do b media have on student respondents? 4. Is there a significant relationship bet students exposure to b media and sex, year level, behavior, academic performance? 5. Is there a significant relationship bet the degree of influence of b media on students behavior and academic perf?

This study is very important and timely because the youths nowadays have to contend with many social, environmental and behavioral problems. Therefore this study is significant to the ddecs authorities, parents, tv and rado program planners, students and the community for the following reasons:

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