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The Internal and External Business Environment of Paddy Power

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Table of Contents 1.1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1.1 An Overview of Paddy Power 1 2.1 MACRO (IPESTEL) 2 2.1.1 International 2 2.1.1a Expansion into Australia 2 2.1.1b Business-to-Business (B2B) Venture 3 2.1.2 Political/Legal 3 2.1.2a Offensive Ad 3 2.1.2b Under-age Bet 4 2.1.2c Rob Keane’s Lawsuit 4 2.1.3 Economical 5 2.1.3a Global Economic Downturn 5 2.1.3b Foreign Exchange Rate 5 2.1.4 Socio-Culture 5 2.1.4.a Responsible Gambling 5 2.1.4b Sports and Social 6 2.1.4c Health and Safety Policy 6 2.1.4d Publicity stunts 6 2.1.5 Technology 7 2.1.5a Mobile Betting 7 2.1.5b Acquisition Cayetano 8 2.1.5c Marketing Strategy 8 2.1.6 Environmental 8 3.1 MICRO (THE COMPITITIVE ENVIRONMENT) 8 3.1.1 Supplier 8 3.1.2 Buyers 9 3.1.2 Competitors 9 4.1 Cultures and Globalization 11 5.1 Conclusions 11 Appendix 12 Works Cited 13



Paddy Power, Irelands biggest, most successful bookmaker is an international betting and gaming group. Since 2012, an estimate of €5 billion what of bets have been placed by Irish online gamblers alone (Duffy, 2015). In this case study, we will focus our environmental analysis on the bookmaking industry and Paddy Power in particular. This will include the internal, external analysis and how international management has affected the company.
Why Paddy Power? The company claims to be the most innovative and security conscious bookmakers (Paddy Power, 2011). They have also drawn a lot of criticisms in the past of which some of them would be mentioned in this report.
If you cant beat them, join them. Paddy Power although Ireland’s largest is not Europe’s largest bookmaker, PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) is. Instead of competing, the company decided to make a…...

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