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The Internet Has Made the World Smaller

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The Internet Has Made the World Smaller
To explain the statement: “The internet has made the world smaller”, the essay will study the positive and negative influences the Internet has on people, and humanity as a whole.
Thirty years ago, one will not have even dreamt of getting a copy of a speech, aired by some prominent individual, say a presidential one. There was little hope of ever accessing that information; one couldn’t have even tried to get it. To get it, he/she had to access it physically from the owner and copy it. Nowadays, that information is only a click away. All that a person needs is to Google it or browse through some other search engine or a website (Raymer 2009, 456).
A scientist can use the Internet to learn what others colleagues have discovered in the same field. Some years ago, the scientist had to wait until such information was published in some scientific journals. If the journal was published far away, he/she had to wait for many years before the same information was translated say from Russian to English. Today, the scientist will only need the Internet to read an online article, which may even mention some unpublished information in Russian. He/she can even go ahead to use the information provided to search for personal contacts of other scientist and email him/her on some issue. A friendly communication may continue and may even end up in research collaboration. It may later develop to visiting each other’s countries, homes, or Universities! (Raymer 2009, 456).
With programs, like Google Earth, one can easily take a look at almost any place in the world. All that it takes is typing the name of the place, for instance, a town, and you are taken there in a matter of seconds! One can use the ‘zooming in’ tool to see the streets, and small details of places he/she could never see.
Video hosting services, like YouTube, enable people to...

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