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The Internet's Impact on Globalization

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The Internet’s Impact on Globalization
Globalization, which began as trade between and across territorial borders in ancient times, has now become more prevalent due to advances in information technology. Information technology is the driver in creating worldwide integration of various global markets that make up globalization. The basis of information technology is the internet. The internet is a series of networks that send out information at supersonic speeds. The internet produced one of the greatest influences on the progression of globalization, the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web allows individuals to post their own digital content for anyone across the globe to see. What made the Web so important was that it created a link between the computer and the internet. The Web made the internet useful to individual people and businesses. The rise in internet in companies accelerated the pace of globalization by allowing the sharing of knowledge and information almost instantaneously across the globe.
The impact of the internet on globalization has both positive and negative effects. A positive includes the modernization and improvement in business on a global platform. Businesses have improved their global competitiveness and become more productive with more efficient electronic transaction processing and instant access to information. With the internet the market is now more competitive with consumers having a greater avenue of choices. The internet has increased the communication process between people living in different parts of the world and also helps to promote the political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of a country. As there is a positive impact of internet on globalization there can be seen a negative impact of internet on globalization as well. While the internet’s technological advancements have increased in some parts of the...

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