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The Interviewing Process

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The Interviewing Process
Bob Stevens

The Interviewing Process
The first step in an interviewing process is to determine the people to interview. It is important to interview people from the formal organization chart, as well as any informal structures (Rosenblatt & Shelly, 2011). Jesse wants me to include people from this informal structure. Jesse has made it clear that she wants me to interview some former students, as well as some prospective students. I will want as good of a sample as possible, so I will be interviewing at least 10 former students and at least 10 prospective students. However, in addition to interviewing the people who will be taking part in the class I think it’s important to interview anyone who will be implementing these IT classes. Here’s who I had in mind:
Meg Harris and Roy Brown – Corporate Trainers. Obviously, our trainers are going to have some input on how best to proceed and how best to teach different subject matters. They also need to let us know which courses they are qualified to teach and which ones they aren’t qualified to teach. If they’re not qualified, we need to make sure they can get qualified.
Natalie Ward and Sam Esposito – Systems Analysts. It would be difficult to imagine moving forward on this project without getting some input from our systems analysts. They should be able to help with logistics and some of the details needed for this training center.
Lyle Newhart and Dawn Hill – Network Engineers. I figured since we don’t have a network configuration designed for the training center yet, our network engineers could help fill in some of the blanks there.
Mark Martin, Ho Lee, and Bill Loos – Web Designers. Certainly our web designers are going to have some ideas as to which kind of interface layout works best for a training environment. Once we know who we’re going to interview, we then need...

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