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The Journey of Grief

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The Journey of Greif In life grieving is a type of emotion that transpires when something traumatic happens. In everyone’s lifetime they will experience the emotion of grief at least once, if not more. In the book called the Wild, the main character Cheryl and I both share similarities, although there are many differences between us. As we both experienced our journey of grief, it was a long road for the both of us. In a person’s life that is grieving it is very difficult for them to see the bright side of things, or in another words to be optimistic. Although Cheryl and I both experienced a very difficult time in our lives, we both handled our situations very differently. “Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” In saying this, grieve can be one of those moments that take your breath away. It is by choice the way you cope with the cards that have been dealt for you! In the book Wild, the main character Cheryl experiences the death of her mother. Cheryl and her mother were very close all throughout her life, considering that her father was out of the picture at a young age. When Cheryl’s mother past away, Cheryl’s life shortly spiraled out of control. Cheryl and her family grew apart, and soon after that Cheryl’s marriage was destroyed. Cheryl and I share a few similarities in our journey of grieve. I lost my grandmother who I very close to and held dearly to my heart. I did not only consider her my grandmother, but she was also a mother figure to myself. Cheryl and I both lost someone that was very dear to us. When my grandmother past away, it was very devastating as it was for Cheryl’s loss. Once, my grandmother past away, I had hit rock bottom. Cheryl and I both can relate to this, as she also hit rock bottom after her mother’s death. Cheryl’s mother was basically the heart of her entire family. Cheryl’s...

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