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The Journey of a Music Teacher

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Riki Shafier
Professor Kimberlee Hoftiezer
24 January 2016 Music Education: A Personal Journey

For the past few years I have been taking different courses, learning many things and preparing myself for the life ahead of me. As a soon-to-be college graduate, the future beckons, bright and inviting. There are endless career opportunities that await those who have put forth the effort to receive an education. The career goals toward which I am currently preparing are to become a highly sought-after piano teacher and piano-teacher trainer with a full roster of students, complete with a waiting list for those who wish to join my studio. I plan to build a fully- developed business model for my piano studio. This plan will include curricula for various ages and skill levels, as well as plans for accommodating specific needs of individual students. The plan will also have processes for the acceptance and rejection of potential students, registration and payment options, and online booking opportunities. This will be optimized through the use of technology.
Technology, in all its many forms, has transformed the world we live in, and I anticipate that it will prove to be of great use to me in the development of my career goals. In the short-term, I will be able to train under experienced piano educators and teacher-trainers via Skype lessons and workshops, and use various training software programs to improve my technical and teaching skills. Additionally, I plan to spread word of my business through online advertising, and I will also create a personalized website for my studio, which will include an online booking service, tutorials and printable practice sheets.
Technology will also aid my goals in a more long-term fashion. Through Facebook, Instagram and online blogs, I will be able to network easily and make many necessary connections to others in the music industry, aiding me in my marketing process. In this way, I hope to be able to reach out and train other young piano teachers in the future. It stands to reason that other technological innovations in the future will surely guide my path in becoming an industry leader, training students and teachers alike in the area of music.
Like any well-constructed plan, it takes foresight and proper planning to reach a desired goal. Without a written and organized strategy, it is unlikely for anyone to reach the place where they want to end up. In a competitive market, having the option to offer new and innovative techniques is a definite advantage in attracting new customers. With this in mind, I plan to take a twelve week Skype- training course given by Trainer Andrew Ingkavet, originator of the Musicolor Method (Ingkavet). This course specializes in training piano teachers and teaches them how to enhance and expand their music studio. Specifically, it teaches piano instructors how to tap into a little-accessed market, that of preschoolers. Through the use of color-coding the keys on the piano, this method teaches youngsters who have not yet learned the alphabet how to recognize the different keys and create music.
After conducting extensive online research to discover the best way to structure a business plan, I will detail every aspect of where I want my business to go, how I plan to get there, and when this will be achieved. In addition to this, I plan to learn how to properly design and construct a personalized website, with, where I can refer potential clients to for general information, personal references, videos of recital performances, and booking opportunities ( The advantages of having a personalized website for a business are immeasurable, in today’s technological world. However, creating the right sort of streamlined and user-friendly website is not so simple, and requires either hiring a team to create one or learning how to build one properly on one’s own.
In conclusion, I believe that hard work, perseverance and the use of technology will be imperative to me while I journey on my path towards becoming a master piano teacher and trainer of other teachers. A fully developed business model, complete with a well-designed website will require fair amounts of time, effort and diligence. The same speaks for building up a roster of students with a waiting list. All of this effort seems well- worth the dividends it will bring, when I think about the wonderful ways I can impact the lives of others through the gift of music. As summed up by Sara Royster in her description of the job of a music teacher, teaching music is a richly varied and rewarding experience (Royster). I look forward to the multi-faceted and stimulating world of growing my music education business and bringing the joy and harmony of music to the lives of aspiring musicians.


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