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The Kangaroo

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Main focus:
- Narrator
- A characterization
- The overall theme
- The ending
In this essay I am going to analyze the short story “The Kangaroo”. The main themes in this essay is growing up, and becoming a man. It is a short story written by John Michael.
This short story written by John Michael is told from a 3rd person subjective perspective, and is limited to the boy, who is the main character. This is caused by the way we see everything from the outside (camera view), but we still know what is going on outside of the boy’s head. The way you can see that it is a 3rd person narrator and not an omniscient narrator is because we only follow one characters development through the story. You can see that in this quote:
- Blood poured from its nostrils. The boy was fascinated.
It shows that we know how the boy feels about the kangaroo dying.
The boy (who is the main character in the story) is developing pretty fast and a lot. He starts out with being a bit scared, and he does not want to kill the kangaroo. But the man who is hunting with him is trying to get him to shoot the kangaroo, and keeps telling him to do this. He is almost scaring him, saying that this is his only chance to do it. Even though the boy is scared, he still proceeds to shoot the kangaroo, but afterwards he feels empty. That is written in this quote:
- He was empty as if his hears and his guts had been sucked out of the barrel of his gun.
He starts to shoot more kangaroos because he wants to feel like a man, and impress the hunter that is teaching him how to hunt. The hunter is telling the boy to walk in front of him. That is because he feels like he should protect the boy, so that is a clear sign that the hunter is the boy’s father (or at least a father figure). They boy gets more confident as the story go on, as when he starts to kill the kangaroos without telling the hunter about it....

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