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The Kingdoms

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August 3, 2013

The Prokaryotic Kingdoms The first kingdom I would like to talk about in the Prokaryotic Evolution is the Bacteria Kingdom. There are many different bacteria in this world, some are bad which cause sickness and disease and some, surprisingly, can be beneficial in today’s world. First, let’s take a look at some bad bacteria, and what can happen when we come across it. There are bacteria and other organisms that cause disease, and they are called pathogens .Most of the time, our bodies can keep the pathogens that we are regularly exposed to in check. Our immune system is amazing at this. Once in a while our body’s defense system become compromised and will fail, maybe when we don’t get the vitamins and minerals that we need. Toxic overload (prescription medicines, cleaning fluids, insecticides, hairspray etc.),not enough sleep, too much stress, old age, too much exposure to the sun, too much physical exertion, or the wrong diet could all lower our immune system. ("A Weak, or Strong Immune System,” 2007) That is when bacteria could creep in and set up house in our bodies. Even some bacteria that we normally carry without causing us harm can gain strength and over run us if we are not careful. A bacterium makes us sick when they become too strong and secrete a poison called Exotoxins. An example of a Bacteria pathogen is too often see is Salmonella. A more common lay term for Salmonella is “food poisoning”. Salmonellosis is occurs when food is consumed raw or undercooked as in meats. Infection can happen when a person eats foods that have a high amount of the bacteria, which would be like putting an amount of the bacteria in a petri dish and growing it. In healthy people, the symptoms are weak and mild. In others, when they ingest salmonella, they will have diarrhea,...

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