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“Introduction of a new concept into different geographies in India”

Summer project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the post graduation diploma in management By: Anuj Kumar

Supervisors: Company Guide: Private Limited) Faculty Guide: Alumni Mentor: Mr. Saurabh Goswami, Managing Director (Ultra Rich Wedding

Mr. M. Sivagnanasundaram Mr. Siddharth Sharma

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Harihar, Karnataka





With due respect and gratitude I want to thank Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Harihar for giving me this opportunity to see, learn and gain a firsthand industry experience in this summer internship program which will help me a lot to grow professionally. After that, I want to thank my assigned Faculty Guide Prof. M. Sivagnanasundaram, for generating confidence in me, always keeping in touch and providing some classic literatures which benefitted me a lot. I would also like to thank my mentor Mr. Siddharth Sharma. Who helped me throughout the project time to time, despite his busy schedule. I am very grateful to them for their valuable and timely guidance throughout the project. I would like to express my gratitude to my Company Guide Mr. Saurabh Goswami, Managing Director, Ultra Rich Wedding Private Limited, who gave me the opportunity to work on this project. Despite of his hectic schedule, he took his time out to support and guide me in understanding the market situation and company objectives. I would sincerely acknowledge the respondents who gave their valuable time and support to me. Without interacting with them this report would have been a half hearted effort. Their feedbacks and data have been the stepping stone in building this report. And finally, I want to thank Ultra Rich Wedding Private Limited. for allowing me to do…...