The Kite Runner

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We make choices every day, such as what to wear to school or what to have for breakfast. Some of the choices that we make are bad, while others are good. As we know, usually, good choices lead to good consequences and bad choices lead to bad consequences. Throughout the novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini has demonstrated the consequences of choices that are made through his characters. The first choice that indicates that choices have consequences was when Baba slept with Sanaubar, Ali’s wife. The next choice was when Amir hid his money and watch under Hassan’s bed. And the last, was Amir’s choice of not helping Hassan as he was getting raped.

The first choice that leads to a consequence was Baba’s choice of sleeping with Sanaubar, Ali’s wife. After Baba slept with Sanaubar, the result was Hassan. Baba did this because, ``Ali was sterile`` (pg 243). The first reason that this was a bad choice was because; Baba was never able to treat Hassan as his son. Every time Baba tried to show some compassion towards Hassan, Amir would get jealous. For example, when Baba got a plastic surgeon to come over from India to fix Hassan’s harelip for his birthday, Amir got jealous because he thought that Hassan’s scar was the reason of Baba`s attention, “It wasn’t fair. Hassan hadn`t done anything to earn Baba`s affections; he`d just been born with that stupid harelip. `` (pg 50). Another consequence from Baba sleeping with Sanaubar was; Baba, Ali and Rahim Khan had to keep this a secret from Amir and Hassan. Of course, after Amir found this out, he was furious. This is why Baba`s choice of sleeping with Sanaubar was a bad decision.

The next example of choices leading to consequences was when Amir hid his birthday money and watch under Hassan`s bed. Amir did this because he wanted to get rid of Hassan because he felt very guilty after the rape. This was a bad choice because…...