The Kite Runner

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Hannah Miracle
In these couple of chapters Amir enters into a kite tournament where he wins. This metaphor about Amir, Baba and the kite tournament “the chill between Baba and me thawed a little.” I think that this is a very good metaphor because if Amir wins the kite tournament then he will also win his father’s respect “Would I ever lie to you, Amir Agha?” (Hosseini 54) This quote signifies Hassan’s loyalty to Amir and how he doesn’t just see as a friend, but as a brother. His loyalty is not just shown through words alone, but through the actions that he does. Lying to Amir is what Hassan believes will separate him from his only and best friend Amir. The imagery shown in this section is if a friend is really a friend when the time comes. Amir doesn’t appreciate Hassan for his values enough to even fight for their friendship and prove his friendship when the time came. He watched Hassan get raped which was not an easy sight to withstand, but at least try and fight for a person who you claim to be your friend not only when you and him are alone, but when others are around you. The theme is Guilt vs. Love and it is shown through Amir’s fight to get rid of the guilt he feels he has inside of him for not helping Hassan and his fight for the love of his father and how he believes that the kite-fighting tournament is the last resort he might have to get the relationship that he always wanted with his father. This section makes me feel that no matter what happens if you claim somebody to be your friend then stand beside him/her when the time comes and not run or hide like a coward. This section is unique because it signifies what people may do in real life by being a fake friend and rape is not a joke and how it happens in everyday life.

Reader Response #3
The quote “haven’t I taught you anything?” (Hosseini pg. 116) signifies how Amir even when…...