The Kite Runner

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'Rahim Khan's friendship is Amir's only refuge in his childhood'Do you agree?

The Kite Runner is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini which takes place in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the USA from around 1975 till 2001.It's about the life's transformation before and after the Russian Invasion. Hosseini vividly provides the memorable portrait of Amir,the protagonist.Initially,this 12-year-old boy has the privileged social backdrop because his father is one of the richest man in Kabul.Nonetheless, he isn't cheerful because various reasons,such as can not get recognition form his baba,and bullied by Assef. All these factors force him to seek somewhere else for guidance and support. Rahim khan, a minor but important character comes to Amir's life and becomes the catalyst for much of his development.However,Rahim Khan isn't the only refuge in Amir's childhood.Hassan is also a crucial individual in Amir's childhood.Furthermore,writing stories and kite running are also sanctuaries that he can find when he was young.

Firstly, Rahim Khan is Amir's perfect mentor and almost replaces Baba as Amir's father in his childhood.Amir loves reading and writing stories which is his Baba's discontent.While Baba doesn't endorse Amir's interest,Rahim khan is the one who acknowledges his gifted writing skills and encourages him to pursue writing.'(I)wished Rahim Khan had been my father' is Amir's psychological description delineates how grieved he is when his father knows about he wrote a story and just 'gave (him) a thin smile that conveyed little more than feigned interest'.Nevertheless,Rahim Khan stands out and offers to read the story.He gives Amir high evaluation afterwards and says'My door is and always will be open to you,I shall hear any story you have to tell'.Later on Amir's 13 years old birthday,Rahim Khan gives him a 'brown leather-bound notebook' that encourages…...