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The Korean Management

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Cultural, Political, Economic Foundations
Chan Sup Chang and Nahn Joo Chang
Quorum Books Westport, Connecticut London
We approached the Korean management system from a cultural context. Although they share a common Oriental culture with other neighboring nations, Koreans maintain a unique culture. This culture, combined with the impact of the geopolitical environment of the Korean peninsula, results in a unique behavioral pattern. Thus, managers and workers in the Korean management system behave differently from their counterparts in other countries.
The Koreans have accomplished remarkable economic success since the 1960s, and their management system has played a major role in contributing to this phenomenal economic achievement. Entrepreneurs, top executives, managers, and workers in the management system are all integral parts of the system, and they have performed their assigned jobs effectively. Therefore, to comprehend the unique nature of this Korean management system, we performed an in-depth analysis on its performance.
The external environment of the Korean management system is a crucial factor in understanding it. In this kind of environment, the role of government is prominent because without active support from the government, no enterprise can survive and prosper. The government, in return, demands some favors from these enterprises, making this a quid pro quo, a unique feature of the Korean management system. We will discuss extensively the relationship between government and business to understand the Korean management system.
Because South Korea is a rapidly changing society, variable sources of information like newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines were integrated into this book. Of course, we also used books published in South Korea and elsewhere for developing a conceptual framework of the...

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