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|MKT1003 Principles of Marketing |23A00210 Introduction to Marketing (6 ECTS)...

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...their mock Apple buyer, “Alex Zalban.” Alex is a tool in highlighting The Onion’s purpose for composing this satire; he touches bases on the four main claims. Alex states in the video “I’ll buy anything Apple and new”(The Onion). This is a key point that is showing consumers’ obsession with the latest and greatest while also tying in the “Machead concept”. He even goes as far to say that he “likes how it says it’s from the Mac Book wheel so people know you have it” (The Onion), taking the sacrcasm a step further by wanting to let people know that you have the latest and greatest. Alex’s mock interview mainly shows consumer gullibility because he states he is willing to buy the newest thing even if it is not the best item. The Onion’s playful argument is effective for tech-savvy viewers showcasing in an elaborated version the obsession of brand names consumers have. Consumers’ have a known problem of brand bias. This bias is why name brands can get away with charging more for something other companies make cheaper. The Onion elaborates on this name bias. One of the first comments made by the female anchor when she introduces the topic of the nights show is by simply stating, “Apple’s newest must-have gadget” (The Onion). The key word is apple, it is not Window’s new gadget but Apple’s. The obsession is with the actual Apple product itself. The text goes on to show Steve Jobs in front of a larger than...

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...service. All of our products are 100% authentic and from the real retailers. We will also provide you with a receipt and confirmation number with your purchase. Any problem found with any of our products will result in an immediate refund and store credit. Our headquarters is located in FairFax CA, 3556 Fashion Ave near Huntington Beach and we have over 1,100 stores in 48 states in shopping malls, outlets and strip centers. By working directly with the market, we can react instantly to produce new trends and must-have styles that don’t exist anywhere else. Shoppers will find that our store is very modern and up to date with the newest trends of celebrities and todays culture. You can purchase the “look” of current pop and hip-hop artist’s at an affordable price. We’re young, fun and fresh. We’re energetic and playful. We believe in changing things up while staying true to yourself, and we’re passionate about giving you a voice; and the right to express yourself the way you want. It’s why we never stand still. Fashion plays an important role in the journey to self-discovery. Choose a style, make it your own. You’re an individual, and you need...

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...of the media for many things, some being good press and others being. With Amazon releasing its first smartphone this year, the Amazon Fire Phone, it is safe to say that at this moment we do not see them as competitors or do we see any immediate threats to the market. It has been announced that the Fire Phone did not do as well as Amazon had projected it to do, in fact the phone has done horrible. Amazon has sold no more than 35,000 phones since its release. This is a bad thing for Amazon, but a great thing for Apple, one less competitor that we have to focus on. This has been a great year for Apple, for many reasons. With the release of new products such as the iPhone 6 & 6plus, the soon to come Apple watch, the iPad air 3 and iPad mini 3 just to name a few. The success of the iPhone 6 & 6 plus has been in record number. With the release and the extreme success of our newest iPhone, it got the attention of our BIGGEST competitor Samsung. Samsung immediately took to advertising to make bold commercials about our new phone. With all the acquisitions of our new iphones bending, Samsung took this flaw if you would call it and tried to use it to its advantage in comparing it to there Note 4. Even so, Samsung clearly was threatened by the new iPhone and the positive response. They openly stated that the positive response to iPhone 6 plus prompted for early release on the Note 4. Those antics didn’t deter Apple users to continue t support Apples newest products and......

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...Equilibrating Process Economics ECO/561 March 26, 2012 Eugene Kaufman Market Equilibrating Process The process of day-to-day living can be a normal to confusing occurrence. Every day individuals require certain things from food, clothing, special services to certain items needed to continue the daily grind. A lot of these situations affect the market because of the need of the consumer and how much of one item or items are purchased. Industry insiders try to balance the supply and demand based on the spending habits of the consumer. When Amazon announced the Kindle E-reader, the demand was high and Amazon tried their best to create the supply for the amount of demand for their e-reader. The introductory price did not seem to bother certain consumers who could afford the newest electronic toy to have. Once time passed and purchasing of the new reader declined, Amazon lowered the price and sales increased a little more. As the years passed, Amazon updated their Kindle to the next generation and videos were available for review on the Amazon website to attract anyone who could consider purchasing. Every year Amazon will continue updating and try to keep the interest going in their product, but how long will the demand go on and compare to the newest and better readers on the market? The Law of Demand states that if “the need for a certain amount of one item rises the price will fall but if the need for the item decreases the price will increase”......

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