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The Lean Start Up

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“The Lean Startup isn’t just about how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business; it’s about what we can learn from those businesses to improve virtually everything we do. I imagine Lean Startup principles applied to government programs, to health care, and to solving the world’s great problems. It’s ultimately an answer to the question How can we learn more quickly what works and discard what doesn’t?”

—Tim O’Reilly, CEO, O’Reilly Media
“Eric Ries unravels the mysteries of entrepreneurship and reveals that magic and genius are not the necessary ingredients for success but instead proposes a scientific process that can be learned and replicated. Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or corporate entrepreneur, there are important lessons here for you on your quest toward the new and unknown.”

—Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO
“The road map for innovation for the twenty-first century. The ideas in The Lean Startup will help create the next industrial revolution.”

—Steve Blank, lecturer, Stanford University, UC Berkeley Hass Business School
“Every founding team should stop for forty-eight hours and read The Lean Startup. Seriously, stop and read this book now.”

—Scott Case, CEO, Startup America Partnership
“The key lesson of this book is that startups happen in the present—that messy place between the past and the future where nothing happens according to PowerPoint. Ries’s ‘read and react’ approach to this sport, his relentless focus on validated learning, the never-ending anxiety of hovering between ‘persevere’ and ‘pivot,’ all bear witness to his appreciation for the dynamics of entrepreneurship.” —Geoffrey Moore, author, Crossing the Chasm “If you are an entrepreneur, read this book. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, read this book. If you are just curious about entrepreneurship, read this book. Starting Lean is...

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