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The Life of Jesus and the Followers/Adherents of Today

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The Life of Jesus and the Followers/Adherents of Christianity Today

Christianity is the name given to a religion based on the first century CE life and ministry of Jesus if Nazareth. The followers of Jesus claimed that he was Jewish Messiah-the Anointed One, the long awaited deliverer sent to the people of Israel by God to bring hope and salvation. During that first century, the followers of Jesus broke away from Judaism and, what we now identify as Christianity, spread throughout the regions controlled by the Roman Empire and established itself as a tradition separate form Judaism. Early Christianity was centered on life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as told through the writers of the gospels and the early missionaries- those who were sent out to spread the gospel. Christianity’s Jewish heritage was fundamental and the major text for Christianity and still today is the Bible.

From its very beginnings in Jerusalem, Christianity has been profoundly influenced by various events. Christianity suffered many early persecutions but by 381 CE, it had been confirmed as the central religion of the Roman Empire. However, the collapse of the Roman Empire and its eventual division into the Eastern and Western Empires brought more conflict, and by the 11th century the Christian Church has become the Church of the West- the Roman Church- and the Church of the East- the Orthodox Church, known as The Great Schism. The sixteenth century brought more division with the Reformation in Europe and in England, with dividing into Protestant Churches and the Catholic Church, due to inadequacies in the Medieval Church such as the selling of indulgences and clerical concubinage. In addition, from the Protestant Churches, the many variants, which sub-divided from that helped created the concept of Pentecostalism- Variations of all Churches.

The Christian Bible is a...

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