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The Life of Michael Servetus

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The Life of Michael Servetus

A Research Paper

A Paper Submitted to Dr. Jerry Sutton
In Partial Fulfillments Of The Requirements For
The Course CHHI-525
History of The Christian Church II

Andrea Gearing
Cumming, Georgia
August 17, 2012

MICHAEL SERVETUS EARLY LIFE-------------------------------------------------------3
BRIEF SUMMARY OF MICHAEL SERVETUS WORKS-------------------------------6
THE TRINITY AND MODERN SCHOLARSHIP-----------------------------------------9
MICHAEL SERVETUS THEOLOGY------------------------------------------------------10
The first time I was introduced to Michael Servetus, I was a student at Liberty University. I had never heard of this important figure in History. At any rate, I had begun to find ways to learn more about him. It was on a Wednesday night, one week before the night of my church Bible study that I had to submit a discussion board question of Michael Servetus in church history. I arrived at Bible study with Michael Servetus in my spirit. When I arrived at church my pastors opening statement was: "In 1553, Michael Servetus was burned at the stake for what I am going to teach to you tonight." His statement really captured my intellect. I really didn’t remember much that was said that night because I was in shock. The Spirit or fire of the spirit was working within my heart. Several questions came to my mind. How could I say that I loved the truth, if I looked for ways to avoid hearing it? Would I die for the truth? Would I live for the truth? It's easy to say...

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