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The Lion King Beowolf Style

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The Lion King Beowoelf Style A fearsome feline king frantically forged on! His dreary languished behavior from days past bygone His bias beliefs have finally been beaten with backing from the Shaman a bombastic baboon and the vision of his revered father Mufasa, Simba is ready for revenge; returning to his fatherland to squelch his sadistic uncle Scar The lions' once prosperous Pride Lands, barren, filled with bone, not births The balance in the Circle of Life become a beggary with Scar and his savage stray mutts subjugating the land Contentment and hope hung only in the power of Simba’s claws Simba propelled toward Pride Rock in search of his mother Sarabi and the pride Hindering in his headway were hundreds of hyenas scavenging the sacred stone Furious and flailing with fiery Simba's strides continued “Scar!” Simba spoke firmly “I have returned to redeem my rightful role as king” “Felines I am filled with shame, for not forbidding this feeble fiend from power!” “My uncle I beg of you, take my ultimatum I demand you to abdicate your position as king of the Pride Lands Ascound! Forgo, I forbid you to ever return “Never!” Roared Scar ramming Simba rashly; then softly said “Simba I killed your Father” The brutal battle broke out in flames as the felines fought Not far behind Simba paced the loyal triplex, trio Nala, Pumba, and Timon lead the heated lioness against the lily-livered hyenas Scar stood on the edge of Pride cliff squealing for Simba’s sympathy Simba sanitized his spineless uncle “Run Scar, and never return” Swindling Scar stormed Simba’s back as he turned; claws drawn Simba struck! Stumbling of the cliff, Scar sank to his death Scar’s sadistic society ended with sovereignty Simba and Nala redeem their roles as king and queen of the Pride Land with the friendly help from a doublet They brought the beauty back to the land and balance the of the Circle of Life

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