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The Little Mermaid and Its Moral

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Week 6 The little mermaid Upon reading the original story of Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”, the love between the little mermaid and the prince can reflect the author’s love to someone who was going to get married at that time.

In the story , little mermaid asked for the Sea Witch for exchanging her beautiful voice for her two legs to dance with the prince . From this scene, the author wants to highlight the love’s sacrifice and how love is so important to change one’s values and beliefs . The author utilizes little mermaid’s impossible yet touching love with the prince to represent human’s love ---love can be an ultimate power to make oneself to sacrifice.

Yet , from the little mermaid ‘s love with the prince and how she still danced with the prince despite the suffering excruciating pain, we can interpret some messages from daily lives .Take shark fin soup as an example , while we enjoy drinking the shark fin soup during traditional Chinese weddings , we have sidestepped the painful feelings when the sharks’fins were torn off before being dumped back to the sea .Not only sharks , but elephants and tigers do love humans even we know or don’t know .Indeed , they are like the little mermaid , sacrificing their body parts to fulfill the happiness of human and this is one of my insights after reading this story. Although the love between the animals and humans isn’t as same as the love between the little mermaid and the prince, love can be classified into friendship love too .While the animals are struggling to provide a lovely natural environment for us to enjoy , in return, we just kill them indirectly . True , this may not be one of the messages in the story , but at least , this can be a brand-new message to educate the children about the importance of respecting the animals as humans and...

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