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The Logistic Company - Case Solution 1. Protagonist a. Satish - night-duty Airport Executive at the Mumbai airport. b. Security guard - Bangalore office. c. Ravi – Responsible for loading on the flight and sending pre-alert. d. Charles - the Asst. Manager Operations, of the Bangalore office. e. Hari - the HR Executive of the Bangalore office.

2. Problem f. Communication gap between the Bangalore office of ABC logistics and Mumbai airport executive. g. Excess booking by other logistic companies and there was no space, so cargo officials of all the airlines refused to accept load. h. Ravi did not intimate the airport executive in Mumbai about the consignment, i.e. they will not be able send the consignment. i. Charles was caught by the night duty patrol cops.

3. Parameters j. Pre-Alert for loaded goods. k. Excess booking by other logistic companies l. Ravi did not intimate

4. Assumptions m. Load will be send every day from Bangalore office to Mumbai via Flight n. If no load is dispatched, information for the same is necessary to be sent Airport Executive at the Mumbai airport o. Ravi is the person in charge for dispatching and sending pre-alert for sending the pre-alert.

5. Various probable solutions p. Information Alert for not loading the goods for XYZ reasons need to be communicated to the Airport Executive at the Mumbai airport. q. Ravi took the situation as a normal issue and he dint inform the airport executive about the consignment not being sent. He needs to be sensitive about the situation.

6. Analysis of the probable solutions r. Strict guide lines should be issued to intimate the other side that is the receiver of the consignment in both the cases. This will ensure smooth communication flow and

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