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The Longest Memory

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Although Whitechapel is depicted as the central character of Fred D’auguir novel, the longest memory, the author uses multiple narrators to confront his main concerns upon American society during the slavery era. D’auguir uses the perspectives of multiple narrators to allow his readers to aknowledge the realities involved with slavery and to have a further understanding of the competency for evil that exists in society.
D’Aguair has used Whitechapel and his recollections of the past to encapsulate the brutality and cold-heartedness of slavery. His narrative focuses on the phrase ‘…eyes that see without seeing’ to give the reader a cue of the extent to which society enforces its beliefs within people and its effects. Whitechapels response “eyes that see all, mouth that has said nothing but kept silence” indicates that over his lived long time he has finally realized the truth about his enslavement and the extent to which he has been dehumanized which is emphasised in a disgusted tone …”there is blood on my conscience…I don’t want to see any more” and subsequently “I answer to dog”. Whitechapels impression that “a slave can live a good , long life if he worked hard” in order to reciprocate” fairness and kindness from the master” provides reason that white chapel had been misslead all his life due to false hope from the society that surrounds him as he is not treated in the same way where he witnesses the whipping of his own adopted son chapel. Not only has D’auguir used the term ‘seeing’ to implicate society’s misleading openings on characters under the scheme of slavery but he has also used an overwhelming tone of sadness and despair to emphasise the negatives that society has created described through the consequent narratives of individulas who account their own stories with open honesty.
Cooks open honesty about her rape, in her personal account...

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