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Jose Luis Herrera Castillo.
Foun 101.
Aly Covington.
Personal Narrative.
22nd October 2015.

“Every day we are one step closer to filmmaking being as easy as taking out the brush and oils for a painting” (Veneruso, 1998).

I was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on June 21, 1994.
I grew up believing in self-expression, showing yourself and never hiding who you really are from others, part of my envelopment as a child and a teenager has been surrounded by political issues, involving my country into sad and hard situations, destroying our culture, education and economy, forcing and scaring the people who decided to trust into a different opinion against the government, those ones will be recognized as “Traitors” and “Enemies of the nation” at least that was the way they used to call them.

The visual arts means to me as a way to escape from reality and open our minds to others, to make them understand that there’s a another world outside complete different as the one who we live in now.

At the age of seven, my father took me into a Father-son trip to the beach, where he gave me my first camera, an Instant water proof Kodak, one of the most beautiful gifts that i’m still appreciating from hem. Since then I have been feeling a passion for the Films and Photography a passion who becomes an intuitive path that guides me through life.

For me films are about romance, adventures, tears, laughs and smiles, more than recording with a video camera, doing a film involves feelings, inspiration, originality, pushing the boundaries and making us to be able to distinguish ourselves from one another.

Every mind is a different world, this life is a gift, no matter how pain full it seems to be, we need to be ready to take a risk, to grow and recognized that everyone has reason to live. I’m taking now the risk, I’m growing up and I’m recognizing my reason to live and more than ever I’m following my dream. This is how much I’m determined to take this change, to start from a new perspective and learn that every end is just a new beginning.

People say that “There’s no place like home” for me home is not a place, for me home is to hold my own camera, to take pictures and make alive a full story from just what I saw through the lens, this is an impressive way to see what other people cannot understand, behind a video or a photography there is a mystery, theres a hole world inside of what other might see just as a tape.

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