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The Lottery and the Destructors

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Compare And Contrast
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I. Introduction II. Setting the atmosphere III. Society’s responsibility for how protagonist behave IV. Tessie’s Struggle to be accepted vs. Trevor’s need to rebel V. Morality- a debate for modern-day societies VI. Conclusion

“THE LOTTERY” AND “ THE DESTRUCTORS” 3 Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and Graham Greene’s “The Destructors”
I. Introduction Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery and Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” both speak about human nature in extreme situations and about the societies that conflict with understanding what is right and what is wrong. Readers are provided with a view of both protagonists regarding their understanding of conditions unfolding before them. Individuals in theses short stories have no interest in respecting the values generally considered as societal norms. The protagonists make questionable decisions; this leads the reader to experience strong feelings.
II. Setting the atmosphere
Both protagonists in the two short stories are active in their communities and try to be accepted by those around them. Even though they are well aware that they are getting involved in questionable activities, they each feel that it is essential for them to be accepted by the rest. Tessie Hutchinson seems reluctant to leave her home; she feels that nothing bad will happen to her as long she stays in the village. Similarly, Trevor feels that there is nothing wrong with him directing his anger towards the destruction of Mr. Thomas's house. Jesse and Trevor are...

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