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The Lumen and Absorb Teams at Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

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The case in hand draws up a picture of a large corporation in the middle of a downsizing phase. However Crutchfield Chemical Engineering faced concerns apart from the downsizing. Particularly in reference to the motivation levels and performance of all the five R&D teams.
According to the survey conducted by McKinty which gauged the daily intrinsic motivation of each team member across all the 5 teams by using a set of qualitative and quantitative questions. There was a sharp difference between two elite technology development teams in terms of creativity and motivation, mostly attributed to the efforts of respective team leaders, Lumen possessing a transformational leader whereas Absorb had more of transactional leader . After ten days’ worth of electronic daily diaries collected from all individuals of the two teams, the study enlightens about team leader behaviours, team member thoughts and behaviours, team dynamics, and project progress.
Relating to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
When we relate the performance of the Lumen team to the motivation theories, we can see that the team derived from their work confidence, sense of achievement and respect for each other. They also felt a sense of belonging and were empathetic about each other’s emotions. The work challenges enhanced their creativity and hence increased their motivation levels. Conceptualizing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Lumen team’s belonging and esteem needs were fulfilled and they were moving into actualization phase which justifies the high level of motivation and creativity in the team In contrary, Absorb team had a lot of insecurities among the team partially due to the downsizing phase and there was sort of disconnect with lead Chip and they were not much enthuastic to approach him for any issues. Due to Chip’s critical attitude the self-esteem and overall confidence of...

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