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The Lungs of the Earth

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I Introduction :
Forests are the lungs of the earth. Thus, we can see the importance of forest towards the living things as the forest contribute in supplying most of their needs, maintaining the world climate, and preventing catastrophic consequences to the environment.

II Body : A. Forest and all living things complement each other as forests is important in supplying the needs of life. 1. Forest will produce oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide. a) Oxygen released by the trees in the forest is the chemical gas that are very important to human and animal life.(Chrisz,2006) b) Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and replaced it with clean air to remove toxic gases that facilitate human and animal respiration. 2. Supply various kind of food. a) Forests serves as the largest supplier of food and herbal plants that are important to humans, animals and in the medical field.(Chinery,2001) 3. Provides different kind of wood for many purposes. a) Wood being used as fuel because it creates less smoke and burns longer. b) Teak wood is used as house building materials as well as in the furniture industry.(Col,2006)

B. Another importance is in maintaining the world climate. 1. Decreased the thinning of ozone layers. a) Oxygen from trees is the main part of ozone creation that will protect earth from sunlight radiation and meteors fall.(Silverswan,2010) 2. Protects the earth from global warming. a) Forests absorb carbon dioxide, one of the poisonous gas that makes the earth warmer. b) Water vapour is released by trees into the air to cool the air temperature. C. One other importance is in preventing catastrophic consequences to the environment. 1. Prevent landslides a) Highland forest slows down the flow of rainwater down the…...

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