The Major Challenges and Opportunities for Managers to Use Ob Concepts

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1.0 Introduction
1.1Organizational behavior
Schermerhorn et al (2005) define organizational behavior (OB) as "the study of human behavior in organizations". OB is also a multi-disciplinary study, taking knowledge from social and behavioral sciences and applying it to real-world situations. Or Actions and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another and toward the organization as a whole, and its effect on the organization's functioning and performance.

Organizational behavior (OB) and its affiliated subjects helps us understand what people think, feel and do in organizational settings. For managers and, realistically, all employees, this knowledge helps predict, understand and control organizational events. There are three determinants of behavior in order to make an organization more effective: individual, groups, and structure. The people within the organization and their behaviors affect the performance of the organization. There are a number of behavioral disciplines that contribute to OB: psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and political science. There are lot of challenges and opportunities today for managers to use OB concepts.
1.2 Organization behavior concept
In every field of social science, or even physical science, has a philosophical foundation of basic concepts that guide its development. There are some certain philosophical concepts in organizational behavior also. The concepts are; Individual differences, Perception, The nature of organization, Social Systems, Mutual interest, Ethics and Motivated behavior.
Robbins et al (2004) explain that OB concepts are considered as an applied science as it provides theoretical concepts that are applicable to real life situations. The knowledge gained with regard to the OB concepts practices of one organization may be applied to several other organizations. Thus, OB can…...