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The Man Nobody Knows

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The Man Nobody Knows: A Discovery of the Real Jesus
“The Man Nobody Knows” is a historical tale illustrating the biblical work of Jesus as the “founder of modern business.” In this article, the attributes of Jesus are clearly underlined to match those of a successful business man in the modern world. The preaching and life of Christ reflect the path of any successful executive. The story comes about due to a continued revolt in a young man’s mind about the works of Jesus (Bruce Barton, 1925), he feels though Jesus came to save the world, His life and missions relate to the journey of a successful businessman. “Cultural Modernism “as a theme is brought out in this story. Cultural modernism is a philosophical movement aimed at transformation of the traditional society into an industrialized society. Though cultural modernism can be traced back in the nineteenth century in the Western Society; Jesus’ work is, however, no short of the theme. During His era, Jesus organized divided cultures into one distinct one through His executive authority. ” Having gathered together his organization, there remained for Jesus the tremendous task of training it.”
In His era, religious beliefs were viewed as a hindrance to cultural modernism. With His arrival, cultural modernism was depicted in the new ways of worshiping, economic activities and communication. “His language was marvelously simple. “Mass society comprises mass culture, production and consumption. “The Man Nobody Knows” weakened the traditional beliefs of the people about God. He amassed a large number of people through preaching and taught them about the proper way of worshiping God. In His gatherings, thousands and thousands of people attended ready to submit to what He was teaching. His teachings were so influential in such a manner that everyone wanted to listen to him. The idea of advertisement is the main theme clearly explained as one of the channels Jesus used to promote mass society. The author describes His advertisement as, “First of all they are marvelously condensed, as all good advertising must be.” The method of expression and teaching created a long lasting memory of His teachings. The prayer Jesus taught His followers brings out the theme of mass society. A prayer that is synonymous in most worshippers.
From the aforementioned, it’s true to say that modern business clearly reflects the ideas and teachings of Jesus. His advertisement skills, coherency of information, leadership skills and among others is nothing short of a successful businessman. The article further brings out the themes of mass society and cultural modernism as above explained.

Work Cited
Barton, Bruce. The man nobody knows. Grosset & Dunlap, 1925.

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