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The Management of Organizarional Behavior

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Bruce Cannon is the owner of a small plastics company that was established five years ago. Bruce has three managers that head up various departments of his company. In the case study of Jim Day, Beth Edwards and Steve Lynch there is a wide array of readiness levels, motivators and leadership styles. One of the first items to address in situational leadership is the readiness level of each employee. Each employee has a different readiness level as well as motivators and need to be led individually to meet their full potential. Jim heads up the engineering crew. Jim is an R4 in the continuum of performance readiness. He is not only confident in his ability to complete the job well; he also is very willing to work hard. He has twenty years of previous engineering background and was hired due to his ability and experience. Jim is committed to his work as he has spent his career building his skills. Jim is motivated because of the time he has invested in his skills. He is truly interested and motivated about making the company successful. He is developing a creative model for making decisions about future expenditures for materials, equipment plant development and personnel. He is truly invested in the company. McClelland’s concept of achievement motivation stated in (Hersey, 2007) fits perfectly with Jim’s determination. The job itself is what motivates Jim. Beth leads the sales force of Bruce’s plastics company. She is the most recent hire in the company so she is very willing to work hard and accomplish tasks to the best of her ability. While Beth has fifteen years of sales experience, her downfall is her knowledge of the plastics business. These factors make Beth an R2 in her performance readiness. She truly wants to use her skills of sales experience and has demonstrated this motivation by setting goals she wants to accomplish of increasing...

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