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The Marketing Plan Handbook

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The Marketing Plan Handbook
Written by Alexander Chernev
In The Marketing Plan Handbook, Chernev explains the pieces of a marketing plan , breaking down the need, standard issues, and concerns with many of the plans that companies possess. He also gives a better understanding as the difference between a marketing plan and the strategic plan that many confuse are the same. Many issues fall into play when a company writes the document only by the standard requirements that are given, as an example the 50 page requirement.
The main points of the book are focused that the simpler the plan, the better. The outline proposes emphasis on the marketing plan to be written simple and basic and focused on value-management. The finances, operations, technology, and organization should be focused. The plan is broken down into eight simple parts: executive summary, situation analysis, goal, strategy, tactics, implementation, control, and exhibits. He creates and easy to follow guide in which all marketing plans should possess with the need to know information, excluding the fillers.
The book suggests there are three key principles in writing a marketing plan. The business strategy must outline and communicate these principles to a target audience. The plan must be first actionable. In this, it should include a development of action directed at obtaining a specific goal. This includes creating or modifying parts of the seven key marketing mix variables: product, service, brand, price, incentives, communication, and distribution. It must also be clear. The primary goal of the marketing plan is to inform the relevant stakeholders about the actions of the company and convince them. It must also be succinct.
Charnev points out that by having a plan written by the requirements alone, or feeling that more information is better; it can make the plan drawn out, readers inattentive, or in too much detail. When employees are given such a document many do not read the entire piece, don’t understand it, or feel there is too many standards to obtain and the entire plan becomes no longer effective and the intention is ruined. He goes into the suggestion of writing a brief, easily understandable, focused objective in which each reader can gain clear knowledge and understanding of the objectives within the marketing plan.
The book is focuses to help managers and startups in gaining focus objectives and simplifying the goals and communication to its target audience including employees, collaborators, and stakeholders. The Marketing Plan Handbook incorporates the three aspects of value management- managing customer value, managing collaborator value, and managing company value. This serves not only to business-to consumer scenarios but business-to business as well. Overall, the book outlines the process from a streamlined strategic plan to the marketing planning process in which informs your decisions and helps avoid costly mistakes and misunderstandings.

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