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The Media Front in Kenya’s 2011 Military Invasion of Somalia

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Dedicated to the 49 journalist killed in Somalia since 1992 and all those facing constant dangers across the world as they carry out their duties.

This work would not have been accomplished without the help of many individuals who shared their insights, experience and time with me. I am grateful indebted for their support and I would like to express my special thanks to:
Special dedication to my supervisor and my Personal Tutor at Leicester University Mr Pawas Bisht for his guidance and invaluable advice and constant encouragement. Andy Kapadia who was a helpful and perfect liaison between me and the university. I would not have made it this far without Mr Pawas and Andy’s help. I would also like to thank Mr Kamwaro of The Standard Library and Eric Njoka of Daily Nation’s for the cooperation they accorded me during the long hours I spent at their libraries. This work would have made no sense with the input of The Daily Nation Newspaper’s news editor Eric Shimoli and Senior reporter John Ngirach as well as the Standard’s Foreign Editor Andrew Kipkemboi and Senior reporter Cyrus Ombati. Through candid interviews these respected journalists gave me invaluable information.
Finally I would like to express special thanks to all the other people, whose names are not listed here, for their help and willingness to explain their opinion, and to share their stories.

The study is a content analysis of The Daily Nation and The Standard newspapers in Kenya; the two leading dailies with widest range of coverage. It examines how the print media covered the Kenyan military incursion into Somalia in 2011. Content analysis was supplemented by in-depth interviews from the editors of both newspapers under study and journalists who covered the incursion. The results show that the Daily Nation had the highest number of...

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