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The Media in Canadian Politics

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The Media in Canadian Politics

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Media has always been a center of interest of different political intellectuals in Canada. They always tend to use media as a powerful platform to convey their message to the all the stakeholders of Canadian politics. Common people, on the other hand, also use media to transmit their concerns and feedback to their political representatives. Be it the print media, broadcast media or social media, they have always played a significant role in Canadian politics. We have seen the active role of media in the longest election campaign of Canada in recent federal elections. Media influence Canadian politics by serving as an intermediary between the government and the common people, by acting as a public representative, and by shaping people’s perception of the political environment around them.
As a common carrier of information for both government and common people, media plays a significant role in Canadian politics. The important part of this role of media is that most of the media act independently to provide unbiased information for both government and common people. This, however, is not always the case. We will discuss biased part of media later in this essay. As an intermediary between government and common people, media reports the news, helps determine the critical issues to be discussed, and enables the transparency in the political structure.
Reporting the news is most basic and essential function of media. Common people and government depend on different forms of media to get the latest news. Traditionally print media and broadcast media were the main source of information for government and common people but with the emergence of Internet, the main source of information is started shifting greatly from print and broadcast media to social media:
The revolution in web-based technology that had begun in the...

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