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The Military Science and War

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Militaries are comprised of soldiers, characteristic of befitting the armed forces or the nation and are called “the army” collectively. Science is knowledge, general truths or particular facts, obtained and shown to be correct by accurate observation and thinking. When science is focused on the military, it is known as “military science”. How was military science developed? It is obvious that it is invented to fight against others and causes an opposition, which is called “War”. War is a conflict by force of arms between political bodies, the science or art of arms but also a terrible way to express a nation’s decisions or position. As we can observe that war directly pertains to military science, it is clear that wars are fought because of competition between nations in military science and the military science is improved because of wars. World War I and World War II are the biggest and most deadly wars so far between human beings; therefore they clearly support this statement. War World I was happened between 1914- 1919, and was fought between two group of power, Central Powers and Allies. The Central Powers were made of Austria- Hungry, Bulgaria, Ottoman and Germany; the Allies were formed by Britain, France, and Russia. They grouped together because of fear of militarism, imperialism and the ideas of nationalism. As Dr. James West Davidson states “Nationalism encourages unity, it also created mistrust and bitter rivalry between European nations”; “Imperialism fueled rivalries among powerful nation. Between 1870 and 1914, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia scrambled for colonies in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Often, several nations competed for power in the same region.”; “Militarism was a source of tension. European nations expanded their armies and navies, creating new stresses”[1] Nationalism gives feeling that one nation or race is...

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