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The Mirrored Emotions

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Emotions and feelings are essential to our life. They allow us to exist and achieve the fullness of our personality by motivating us towards the good or bad things in our life. All of us can feel happiness, sadness, surprise or anger at some point in our day. The first piece is a poem titled, A Beautiful Song by Margie Winkelmann. The second piece is a song called, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. The third piece is a diary entry written by Elena Gilbert in the TV show The Vampire Diaries. The fourth piece is a painting entitled Dancing Under the Rain painted by Leonid Afremov. The fifth and final piece that was chosen is a quote said by Beyoncé. I chose this give sources because each in its own individuality makes the reader feel some type of emotion. Margie Winkelman’s poem A Beautiful Song, explains the life of a teenager at a very difficult time and believes that a song will pull him or her through. Winkelson’s purpose is to point out that some songs make listener feel free and happy for at least a few minutes but at the end it gives them a new perspective on life. The genre of this poem is a free verse but in some stanzas a rhyme is found. The intended audience for this poem is anyone that can relate to the teenager and feels as if they cannot see the light to freedom. Adam Levine’s song Sugar expresses an undying love a man has for a woman which results in having a glamourous wedding night. Levine’s purpose to writing this song is to hit every wedding in Los Angeles on that day and give the couples song happiness before heading off to the land of Love. The genre of this song is disco, funk-pop, and soul. The intended audience are Maroon 5 fans and anyone who need to feel love and special on a special occasion. Elena Gilbert’s diary entry expressed her feels after the tragic death of her parents. Miss Gilbert’s purpose to writing her dairy was to release her feels in a book instead of exploding to another human being. The emotions portrayed in this piece are sadness and happiness because a new flame named Stefan Salvatore walked into her life and made her feel love and special. The diary entry appeared in the television show The Vampire Diaries. The intended audience for this diary are The Vampire Dairies and those who admire Elena’s character in the show. Leonid Akmorov’s painting, Dancing Under the Rain expressed the sense of love and happiness just by the colors chosen by the artist. Akmorov’s purpose for painting this beautiful oil painting is to give the viewer a piece of his imagination and to show them that anything is possible. The emotions seemed in this piece of artwork is love and freedom as well as happiness because the couple is smiling through the rain. The intended audience for this piece of artwork are fans of Leonid Akmorov and those viewers who wish to find an escape from the real world. Beyoncé Knowles’s quote or tweet expressed feelings of acceptance of one else with all the flaws we each have. Beyoncé’s purpose to tweet this quote is to make her fans love themselves like she has learn to love them. The emotions found in this quote are very motivational because they boost the self-esteem of the readers. The intended audience for this quote or tweet are her fans, followers and anyone who needs the extra boost to believe that they are worth it. After reading and analyzing each piece of artwork I was able to see that even though we take words and often feelings for granted they make us a better person. Each piece that I chose connects by portraying some type of emotions that makes the reader ponder if they are making the right choice. Even though genres change in minutes pieces of artwork will always include some type of emotion that viewers may sympathize with. No matter the piece of artwork the viewers need on every special strategy in order to be able to analyze the piece, which is to have an open mind for the millions of interpretations.

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