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1) Ron L. Clark, Jr. (born 1972) is an American teacher who has worked with disadvantaged students in rural North Carolina and Harlem, New York City.
2) Clark is known for his ability to raise test scores by using unique methods that incorporate innovation, creativity and 55 classroom rules.He also wrote the book “The essential 55”.
3)In 2001 he won Disney Teacher of the year Award.
4) Currently Mr.Clark is working in the “Ron Clark Academy “,a new school serving low-wealth students from inner-city Atlanta.

1)Title of the film: The Ron Clark Story, also known as: The Triumph.
2) Director: Randa Haines
3) Writers: Annie DeYoung, Max Enscoe.
4) Lead actors:Matthew Perry-Ron Clark; Melissa De Sousa-Marissa Vega;Brandon Mychal Smith as Tayshawn;Hannah Hodson as Shameika;Micah Stephen Williams as Julio;Ernie Hudson as Principal Turner;Marty Antonini as Howard;Isabelle Deluce as Alita Sanchez;and other.
5)Genre: Biography/Drama.
6)Plot over view: 1998. Ron Clark, still relatively early in his career, leaves his stable life teaching at an elementary school in his suburban North Carolina hometown, the school where he is appreciated by both his fellow teachers and his students for his innovative teaching methods which results in raising test scores. Instead, he decides to look for a teaching job at a tough New York inner city school where he feels he can be more useful. He eventually finds a job at Inner Harlem Elementary School, where the students are segregated according to their potential. As Clark is white and "nice" looking, Principal Turner wants to assign him to the honors class, especially as Turner's job security depends on good test scores. Clark, however, wants to take the most disadvantaged class. He quickly learns that it will be a battle of wills between himself and his disruptive students to see who can outlast the other...
Usefulness of methods:
Here are some of the ideas that Ron Clark says are essential for kids to learn:
*Make eye contact
*Respect other; ideas and opinions
*Say thank you within three seconds of receiving something
*When you win, do not brag; when you lose, do not show anger
*Do your homework each and every night without fail
*Do not talk in a movie theater
*Be the best person you can be
*Always be honest
*Perform random acts of kindness
*Learn the names of all the teachers in the school and greet them
*If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault , say excuse me
*Stand up for what you believe in
The 55 rules are focused on kids being polite and compliant and well-mannered.
This is a wonderful inspiring video. It shows how kids can overcome the odds and succeed. It shows what a difference a great teacher can make.The Ron Clark Story gives its audience hope for a better tomorrow. Mr. Perry does a great job telling the story of Ron Clark and his relationship with the students. I think the movie may also inspire kids and parents to talk about their favorite teachers and what they liked about them. Every child should watch this movie for inspiration and hope for better tomorrows. Sometimes I believe that kids just need someone to believe in them no matter what.

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