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The Money Miracle

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A Real Life Miracle
By: Tahmonie Stubbs

My name is Tahmonie and I am a freshman in college. It was the second month of the year, and I was already struggling to pay my tuition. I was a paid intern, for New York Times, and I worked at Rue 21, a clothing store. The college was not affordable and I was soon going to have to drop out!
On Friday, September 22, two days before my birthday, I am sitting in my dark, depressing office staring at all the articles I have to read. My aunt is trying to help me with this money problem so she hired me to help her with the articles. If you think no one reads the newspaper anymore, you are wrong! When it is New York Time’s newspaper, only everyone wants to be heard. I am not a fan of reading books, unless it is Clifford. I am the girl who would rather experience events than read about them. No matter what, though, I still have to spend my Fridays working hard.
On Saturday, September 23, I have to go to work at Rue 21. My birthday is tomorrow, so after work I am going to find an outfit for tonight’s dinner. Before the dinner, I go to the news office and find a letter on my desk. It is from my great grandmother who lives in Fresno, California. I visit her every chance I get because, well, she’s like my best friend and the ONLY person who understands me. As I read the letter, I find out that she passed away Tuesday. Her funeral is tomorrow and the reading of her will. I read more; I see I get the first look at the will. It says she left her huge house and $750 thousand dollars. I do not know how to react and I cannot stop smiling and crying at the same time. The last sentence I read said, “I must move into the house immediately or it will go to someone else.” I am completely confused and began to think it was a fraud.
The next morning, I fly to Fresno. I go to my new “home”, and I find my great grandma sitting on the porch smiling at me. I burst in tears. I run to her and hug her so tight and could not let go. She whispers in my ear and say “I tricked you!!” We both began to laugh until we cried, and our stomachs filled with aching pain. She lets me keep the check and tells me I could live with her. I move in the next week and find a more affordable and local college. I had received the best birthday gift ever! I paid everything off and can finish school with no worries because I have the sweetest grandma ever!

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