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The Monk and the Riddle

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Catalina Torres Perez Section A1 The Monk and The Riddle

1. What was surprising or different about this book relative to what you know about entrepreneurship? When we think about entrepreneurship books, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is a technical book with instructions on what to do and not do in order to become a successful entrepreneur. What I found fascinating about this book is that the author, instead of giving a list of “must do´s”, is able to connect with the reader trough story-telling and personal experiences, and arise key questions that every entrepreneur must answer before and during a business development in order to be successful. In other words, The monk and The Riddle is no about “how” but about “why” and the importance of passion and vision when it comes to be an entrepreneur. Even if the book does give some specifics techniques that any entrepreneur can use to increase its chances of success, the central themes of the book are existential and philosophical. 2. What did the book teach you about different approaches at entrepreneurship and at being an entrepreneur? One important message of the book is the explanation of VCs´ perspective towards business opportunities and entrepreneurship. VCs are driven for risky ideas that have the potential to become leaders, but most importantly, they invest in the team and in the team´s passion. The team needs to have a combination of soft and hard skills, in order to be able to successfully develop and execute the business plan. Furthermore, entrepreneurs need to focus their business plan on solving the market needs and not just a cash-generating approach. However, the most important message that I learned from the book is the need to think differently from a business man in big company, in a company they “work a plan”, when starting a business you cannot stick to a plan, you have to pivot,...

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...The Monk and the Riddle By Randy Komisar I must admit I knew nothing about entrepreneurship before this course started, I didn’t even know how to spell it (think I still don’t). But while reading this book and as the storyline advances and with each page read I found myself noticing similarities and identifying with Lenny. How do I want to live my life? I know I have pondered on that questions several times in my life, but after reading this book, I find that question which used to arise every now and then usually as a conversation starter, has now become a permanent thought in my mind ending with several exclamation points. Am I aiming towards a deferred life plan or am I really focusing on what I love to do? Am I Lenny 2.0, missing the “Big picture” and only focused on “Results” as my philosophy? Am I overestimating my product or underestimating my market? I started believing that this book would be one of those “How to” (Entrepreneurship for dummies) book, some guy’s lovely memoirs masqueraded as an instruction manual for newbies in the Entrepreneurship business, I was indeed very glad to be proved wrong. The book starts out with an awful pitch from Lenny, which resonated to a recent interview with a head hunter, who gave me feedback post interview in terms of too much energy & overly expressive in my CV (Which he handed back with huge X’s everywhere). Sometimes you need a “Randy” to tell you that indeed you have worked hard but that it is not enough and you can......

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...Komisar means that business, at its core, is more about the creation of the product and service. Living in a capitalistic society, it is easy to lose sight about the goal of living. The goal of life should not be financial success, but creation- creation of memories, kindness, and knowledge and in the case of business, tangible goods or services. The question when you embark on any business venture should be: what are you trying to accomplish? That answer should not be money. Why? Because when money is the motivator the real purpose of business is lost. In the book, we see this with Lenny. When his initial idea and passion become diluted by the financials, Komisar urges him to rethink why he started in the first place. I personally believe that creative drive and personal expression are needed for a truly successful business. When I buy a product that I believe has true value- I can feel the passion and creative expression the creator put into it. When Lenny comes back to the valley with, a real product is created. This product will be successful because it’s not about the numbers, but what it will create for people. This statement is why I changed my opinion about business school. I was so concerned that a degree in business meant I was selling my soul. I learned that business can be about the money if you let it be. Ultimately I have a decision when it comes to choosing whom I work for or what I want to create. Business is not black and white. It......

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