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The Most Major Needs Are in My Community

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The most major needs are in my Community
By: Amos G. Mellish

I am student Amos G. Mellish, and currently live in the Newport Street Community, Monrovia, Liberia. I have lived in this community for the last 12 years.
As our country Liberia is in a destitute and underdeveloped state, with a majority of the population living in abject poverty, it is of no doubt that most of the communities in Monrovia are in deplorable conditions. The many major needs of these communities that are essential to the survival of its inhabitants are inexpressible. However, I will point out the four most major needs and justify their essentially to the survival of its inhabitants and how if I were to volunteer in this community as a student of Service Learning Program (SLP-339), would improve these situations.
The most major needs are: 1. Good Toilet Facilities 2. A well Arrange Garbage Collection 3. Security against Arm Rubbery 4. Electricity
With these four major needs, I will discuss and justify their significance to the survival of the inhabitants of my community. 1. Good Toilet Facility:
I look at this as a major issue owing to the fact that most of the houses in my community do not have inside or private toilet. They instead, depend on the community government toilet for daily and regular defecations. This is the one and only public toilet facility in the Newport Community, which is very messy and deplorable. This single area bears the service of about 3000 person per day.
A good, modern and will taken of public toilet facility, if erected in my community, will serve a major purpose. It will be significant to the Newport Street Community in such that there will be a huge reduction in health related problems such as, Chloride, Malaria, Typhoid, and other infection.
If I were to volunteer in my community as a student of Service Learning Program (SLP), I would improve this situation by helping to maintain what we already have for now. The current facility is deplorable and not well taken care of. I believe that it could be of better service if the cleaning up situation is prioritized.
As a student of SLP-339, if I were to volunteer, I would help in ways such as organizing and encouraging my fellow young community dwellers in the process of cleaning and maintaining the current facility. I would express the benefits that it will have on our community in engaging such initiative.
I believe this approach will bring about a manageable improvement in the situation. 2. A Well Organized Garbage Collection
I observe garbage collection to be another major issue in my community. The Newport Street Community is densely populated, and hereby requires a well organized garbage collection system. The situation right now is unimaginable; garbage from various houses are either left by these houses or placed in public areas of the community, leaving the inhabitants vulnerable to lots of sicknesses, malaria, typhoid, etc.
This situation also has the propensity of increasing the rates of infant mortality, and can even reduce the life expectancy of the community inhabitants. It is, therefore, an essential need for the government of Liberia, through the Monrovia City Corporation, to have a well organized garbage collection in the Newport Street Community, as it will alleviate most of the poor health-related issues in the community.
If I were to volunteer in my community as a student of Service Learning Program (SLP-339), I would definitely improve this situation by also bringing together my fellow young community dwellers, alerting them on the unfolding situation. I would, furthermore, encourage them into the act of volunteerism, making them to understand the benefits involved. I would give them a broad idea of how our volunteer service could save the community from a lot of health hazards. I would moreover provide the idea of creating community awareness, which the adults and the other members of the community can get involve.
I believe that if every member of the community can get involved, we can make our environment a better place to live. Even without the help of the government, we could create a livelihood through self-initiate. 3. Security Against Arm Robbery:
This is another major need within my community. The Newport Street Community is always under attack by arm robbers, a situation that is being poorly handled by the Liberia National Police. This has left the inhabitants who are living in a hostile environment feeling insecure and vulnerable to criminals. Cases of arm-robbery are reported to the local police station on a daily basis, whereas the police complain of the lack of logistics as a major factor impeding their fight against arm robbery in the area.
A strong and well supported security against arm-robbery will serve a significant purpose to the inhabitants of my community. It will be perfect if the government provided enough logistics and oversight to the police as they get engage with the fight against crime in my area.
If I were to volunteer as a student of SLP-339, in my community, I would, in this situation, advocate for a community based security net-work, through which a community vigilant team could be established in order to raise alarm where there is a criminal attack. I will bring up the idea that every household-head in the community exchange cell numbers, as a means of keeping in touch with each other at the middle of the night. As a volunteer, I will also advocate for an increment in the budgetary allocation of police logistics. With more logistics police are placed in the enabling capacity of engage arm-robbers in the community. 4. Electricity:
The issue of electricity has turned into a major problem in my community. This is one of the most important need of the people of Newport Street Community, as it can be use to accomplish a lot of task, such charging of electronic devices, cooling and heating of water, provision of light, as well as entertainment.
It is observed that the so called “electricity” provided by the government of Liberia through the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is poorly performing in the execution of its mandate, and this has raised serious concern in the community. Owing to this frustrating situation, some businesses are unable to run, leaving some homes in a huge economic short-fall.
If I were to volunteer as a student of SLP-339, I would help by initiating advocacy that will bring to the attention of national government the need of proving stable and consistent electricity to my community.

With these issues submitted it is my hope that this paper serves as means of helping to mitigate these social ills, as well as assist in building healthy and conducive communities across Liberia.

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